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Abraham Isaac Jacob (Page 49-89)


  1. How old was Abram when God called him?
  2. Where was he living at the time?
  3. What was his occupation?
  4. What route would he have followed? Why that?
  5. Why no word from God until Abram arrived at Shechem?
  6. What did God say to Abram on arrival?
  7. What prompted Abram to move to Egypt?
  8. What was his first mistake?
  9. Why no word from God?
  10. How did God extricate Abram?
  11. Who did he acquire there?
  12. Did God find fault with Abram?
  13. Why did Abram and Lot part company?
  14. When did the Lord speak to Abram the third time?  Genesis 13:14
  15. What did Abram do wherever he stayed?  What does that show you? Genesis 13:18
  16. Who met Abram after he rescued Lot?
  17. Why is he so special? What was his origin & his end?
  18. Why is he greater than Abram?
  19. Why is he like Jesus? Why is Jesus like him?
  20. What did Abram give him? Who is greater than who? Why?
  21. Why would Abram take nothing belonging to the king of Sodom?
  22. What did Abram fear? Genesis 15:1
  23. Why was he not to fear?  What did God promise him?
  24. What was Abram’s complaint?
  25. What did God promise Abram?
  26. What was Abram’s response?
  27. What did God give Abram and why?
  28. How did God confirm His promise to Abram? Genesis 15:9-11
  29. Birds of prey interfered. What are they like when we pray?
  30. What did Abram do?
  31. God made a covenant with Abram about the land. What is God’s part?  What is Abram’s part.
  32. Sarai, Hagar, Abram. Human intervention results in what?
  33. Was God involved?  What did God say?
  34. How long did God stay silent?
  35. What was the sign of the old covenant? What was the purpose of the sign? To teach what?
  36. How old was Sarai when she gave birth to Isaac?
  37. Why did God take so long to intervene?
  38. Why did Abraham & Sarah laugh?
  39. Why was their son given his name by God?
  40. Why was Abraham tested by God?
  41. When Abe passed the test what did it reveal about his faith in God?


  1. How old was Isaac when his parents found him a wife?
  2. Why did he not marry local woman? Genesis 24
  3. How old was Isaac when Esau & Jacob were born?
  4. Who did Isaac love and why? What did he do? Who loved Jacob?  What did Jacob do?
  5. Who also was in the settlement? How old was he when grandsons arrived?


  1. Who replaced Isaac as the spiritual father of Jacob? Genesis 28:13. For how long?
  2. Jacob was the first what in the Bible?  What is the evidence?
  3. List ten things that Abraham taught Jacob.  Godly men should teach others.
  4. Apply them in Jacob’s life.
  5. Esau was loved by Isaac. Why?  When did Esau speak to God?
  6. What did Jacob do in the camp?  How is it served?
  7. Esau failed to kill game and was hungry so what did he do?
  8. Jacob was willing to share majedderah with Esau provided sold his birthright.
  9. How did Esau show his value as the first born?
  10. What did Jacob give him?  3 things.
  11. Where did Jacob get that idea?
  12. How did Esau show he did not care for his parent’s values?  Genesis 26:34
  13. Isaac wanted to give Esau the blessing due to the first born. What did that mean for the family?  What had Isaac ignored?
  14. Rebekah heard Isaac and intervened, she instructed Jacob to carry out her plan. What part did Jacob play?  Why was Jacob such a poor actor?  In what ways was he not like Esau?
  15. What blessings from Isaac would not have made sense to Esau?
  16. Esau planned to kill Jacob. Who told Rebekah?
  17. The parents of Jacob sent him to Haran with their blessings
  18. Who took the initiative at Bethel?  Why was He silent before then?
  19. How old was Jacob when he left home?
  20. What did Jacob promise God?  Who told him about a tithe?
  21. Who was the first relative he met at Haran?
  22. Why did Jacob weep?  How do you know he was physically strong?
  23. Did Jacob cook stew for Laban?  What he do for 7 years?
  24. What did Jacob receive after 7 years ? What were his wages after 14 years?  Why did he reject a gift from Laban?
  25. How many times were his wages changed?    How did he prosper?
  26. When did God speak to Jacob & what was he told to do?
  27. What was the attitude of Laban’s family to Jacob ?  Genesis 31
  28. Who did Jacob consult?  What part did God play?
  29. Why were there 20 years of silence by God although still active?
  30. Before news of the arrival of Esau how did God prepare Jacob?
  31. Did Jacob trust God?  Why did God wrestle with Jacob?
  32. What did God give Jacob?  How was he like Abraham?
  33. Esau glad to see Jacob. Why no longer seeking revenge?
  34. Why did Jacob have a miserable time at Shechem?
  35. Did God find fault with Jacob? What did  He tell him to do?
  36. What did Jacob tell his family? Genesis 35
  37. What is missing in the life of Esau  Genesis 36
  38. How old was Joseph when he had two dreams?
  39. Why did Joseph have those dreams?  Why did Jacob have a dream at Bethel?
  40. Why was Joseph different to his brothers?
  41. Compare the behaviour of Joseph and Judah?  Why different? Genesis 38
  42. Why  was  Joseph  able to avoid temptation ?
  43. What made the difference in Joseph’s life in Egypt?
  44. How did God prepare the way for Joseph?
  45. Why did God cause Pharoah to have those two dreams.
  46. The butler remembered those dreams previously. The miracle is in the timing.
  47. Joseph exalted to the position of Governor of Egypt.
  48. How long did he have to wait before he saw his brothers again?
  49. How long before he saw Jacob his father?
  50. Why did Joseph test his brothers?
  51. How did God use Joseph?
  52. What was Joseph’s attitude to the actions of his brothers?
  53. God is at work in all our lives. No obvious intervention.
  54. What should our attitude be to the silence of God?
  55. Jacob lost Joseph for how many years. Was God still involved?
  56. Read in TFR the conversation between Abraham & Jacob. Page 56
  57. Then between Jacob and Joseph. Page 74
  58. Is that the evidence why Jacob & Joseph were so godly and different?
  59. Why did God never find fault with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Joseph?
  60. What is God’s attitude to those who have a relationship with Him?
  61. If God has shown you what to do, does He need to repeat Himself?
  62. Where does God reveal His will for your life?
  63. What is your part? What questions should you ask God?
  64. What is the meaning of the passage I have just read?
  65. Is there anything I do not understand? Is there anything I must do?
  66. What does the passage teach me about God & man?
  67. What has God planned for your life?  What must you expect?
  68. What is your attitude to what God has already shown you?
  69. Does God ever change? Malachi 3:6