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AMOS A Nobody God used. (pg 146-151)

Amos/burden bearer A shepherd who also cared for sycamore fig trees in Tekoa. No training in theology. A man who knew long periods of silence, called by God  to speak to the people who went to three shrines in the land at Beersheba Gilgal & Bethel.

Prophets there would receive income from pilgrims.

Amos 1. He prepared what he had to say to people at the shrines. To gain attention he passed judgement on neighbouring states  before he spoke to those at the shrine.

Amos 2 Judgement on Israel  For 3 transgressions & for 4 . God gives time for people to repent. Damascus to be punished for cruelty. Gaza for making slaves of people showing no pity for children. Amnon punished for cruelty in killing the weak & helpless pregnant women. Tyre for breaking a promise & selling people to Edom who would be punished for hatred of Israel. Moab for showing hatred by burning bones of the king of Edom. Then Amos dealt with the people of Judah who had rejected the Law of God. Israel showed no pity. Made slaves of people with little debt (sandals). Father & son had sex with same woman.

God seriously views way people are treated, of no pity shown , breaking promises, treatment of the unborn, not forgiving,   All would be judged by their conscience but those who know the will of God & ignore it will be judged more harshly. Applied to Israel & Judah. People tried to make God’s prophets conform to what they wanted to hear. They made God heavy of heart instead of bringing Him pleasure. Vitality of young men, strength of the strong, might of some not deliver them on the day of judgement.

Amos 3 Personal message to the people.  They were chosen by God, loved, taught the law. God first reveals His message to His prophets who could not keep quiet,  pass it on to the people. Many today have nothing to say because they do not listen to God, fail to apply what they hear. Samaria would leave behind items of luxury, mansions. Bethel destroyed. As well as summer & winter houses. Where? At coast & in the mountains.

Amos 4 God not interested in religion but in ? Why Bethel?  Jacob met God there. So would people? What place ignored? Law broken? Why Gilgal?  People circumcised & reproach of Egypt rolled away People kept Passover there. People thought a place to inherit the promises of God. People loved religion. Business good, sacrifices, God owed them. Announced good deeds.

God’s response: Amos 4:6-13 Famine & lack of bread in cities. Rain stopped 3 months before harvest. Rain in different area. God’s doing. Disease & locusts attacked crops, war caused loss of life, earthquake, all caused no repentance. Their Creator would come. Prepare to meet Him. 2021 A world that has ignored God. Travel business economy crime. Has anything changed?

Amos 5 Why Beersheba? Jacob worshipped God prior to Egypt. Assured of God’s presence. So a place to be sure God is present. A waste of time ! Gilgal & Bethel would cease to exist.  Rather seek the Lord & come alive. God can bless or do the opposite. Houses left empty, produce not enjoyed, the wise keep quiet. Hate evil love good.    “When I pass through you.”  A time of sorrow. God hates religion. Feast days & shrines. Rather act justly & obey His word.

Amos 6 Judah & Samaria not different to Hama on the Orontes or Gath in Gaza. Luxurious living, do nothing. God hated their pride & lifestyle.  God ignored. Has anything changed in 2021?

Amos 7 Locust invasion.?  Destroy economy.  Amos prayed for God to see the people as insignificant. The Lord  involved Amos to prevent disaster. A great fire to consume all. Again Amos prayed for God to see the people from His viewpoint. He succeeded. Amos saw a plumb line. The Lord no longer present in their lives. No prayer from Amos.

Amaziah priest at Bethel conveyed false picture of Amos. Called him a seer not a prophet. Seer got message from dreams.  Told Amos to return to Judah. Bad for income! Amos gave his testimony. A shepherd & carer of fig trees. Called by the Lord to prophecy gently the message of God. Amaziah told he would lose his life, his family his nation & die in exile.

Amos 8 A basket of summer fruit – no longer pass in blessing, dishonesty in business noted by the Lord, no longer hear his word, no longer send prophets, only a remnant would be restored. Prosperity due to grace. Amos left a warning.