Matthew 14:22 to 33. Also, in Mark 6:45 to 52; John 6:15 to 21.

  • This study is a particularly good example of how to put scriptures together to get a complete picture, a fuller understanding of what our Lord wants to teach us.

V22. Note immediately – this is happening just after the feeding of the five thousand

Jesus ‘made’ meaning ‘strongly urged’ saying get into the boat and go before Him on the other side, while He sent the multitudes away.

V23. Remarkably interesting, to see that He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray.

Did not go to them first. So, He arranged this event deliberately.

V24. He must have been there on top of the mountain waiting for them to arrive in the middle of the sea. And read V24 a storm started: “tossed’ ‘battered’ by the waves” “for the wind was contrary”, a strong storm. In John 6:18 “a GREAT wind was blowing”.

In Mark. 6:48. ‘He saw them straining at rowing, for the wind was against them.”

V25. Let me just explain the meaning of “the fourth watch” this watch occurs from 3 to 6 AM. And look at Jesus went to them walking on the sea. That must have been an event that the disciples will never forget.

V26. When the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled. They cried out for fear. They were afraid.

Encouragement in V27 Jesus spoke to them. But immediately Jesus

V28. Here we read Peter’s request. Note that the storm was still extraordinarily strong.

V29. Jesus Christ replies ‘come’. And watch Peter did walk on water.

V30. The verse starts with ‘But’ read what happen. Peter cried out “Lord, save me.’

V31. Another immediately from Jesus. He stretched out His hand and caught him and said to him:

V32. The wind ceased. We read in Mark 6:51. Well that is a miracle.

V33. We read there the correct response is to worship Him.

I just want to highlight another miracle and that miracle; we can read it in John 6:21.

So Now: what about you and me “are you facing and being in a storm” right now.

Of course, we all are in a horrible storm with this virus Pandemic. But you might have a different storm, a personal one, financial, sickness, loss of loved one, etc.

What is the first and most important lesson to grasp, and deeply cherish it in your heart and mind: What is Jesus Christ is saying: “Look at me – NOT at the storm.”