Our Lord warned us about deceptions. Lots of false Christs and Lots of false Prophets.

In Matthew 24: V4,5; V11; V23,24 (1)

Hebrews 13:9 “Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines.”

giving HEED to A. deceiving spirits and B. doctrines of demons.

HEED: “pay special attention” “beware pay extra attention” “be on high alert”

Satan’s work of DECEPTION today – Multiplying False Christians. How?

Some examples: LIKE: Buddha, many gods and so you are a god as well, Islam, He is a prophet, J.W. He is a lesser god, with a small ‘g’.

Most religions accept Jesus as:

  1. A Great Teacher BUT not God in human flesh.
  2. A Great Healer BUT do not believe Him, who He really is.
  3. A Great Miracles worker BUT Do not want Him to change their lives.
  4. A Great ‘Feeding of the multitude’ BUT do not want Him to transform them.

The enemy makes people believe that they are truly saved, meantime they are not trusting in the true Christ and the doctrine of the RIGHT Christ. Scripture defined the Real Lord Jesus.

  • To describe the Doctrine of Christ:

No other, so called “Christ” (A) Came as God incarnated. Performed mighty miracles. (B) Died on a cross, shed His blood to pay for sin, not for His own but for the people enslaved by sin, He was (C) buried, and (D) rose again, (E) ascended to the right hand of the majesty on high.

No wonder that the Word of God says: that He is:

  • Matthew 7:13,14 The narrow gate – way. John 10:7 The door.
  • And John 8:24 (3)
  • Our ETERNAL SOUL must be connected, must be tied to the Right Person – which the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • “Are you firmly Attached to the True Vine?” Go back to our previous Teaching.

Doctrine of Christ:

Conclusion:  2 Timothy 1:13,14 (6)