Very interesting word; Blameless unblameable or Faultless - in Greek means: “amemptos”.

1 Thessalonians 3:12, 13 1. Abound in love. 2. Establish your hearts blameless in holiness. 3. Before our God. 4. At the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Another passage is: 1 Thessalonians 5:23 Be preserved blameless. See Philippians 2:15.

There is a demonstration of repentance, look at those 2 verses and check what Paul says about them, 4 things were obvious. A change of mind set produces a change of behaviour. What was displeasing to God and turning towards what brings pleasure to Him.

1. They turned to God.

2. They served the true and living God.

3. They waited for Him, they longed for Him. Our desire to see Him, will depend on our longing to see Him.

4. They trusted Him. Because He delivered them.

Look back at 1 Thessalonians 3:13. They said: ‘my past is paid for, so my present is secured, so now I should be consecrating my life to Him.’ They had a consuming passion for Christ.

  • Paul gave them FIVE teaching lessons for godly living:

A. Ch. 1:10. “to wait for His Son”.

B. Ch. 2:12. “to walk worthy of God.” It speaks of the conduct in one’s life.

C. Ch. 2:13. they had a new authority. They decided that “I will take God at His Word” Do you believe God enough to trust Him at His Word? I want to listen to His Voice. I want to permeate and reflect Him in everything that I do.

D. Ch. 2:14. “I have a new standard to go by: “imitates’.

E. Ch. 2:17 to 19. Paul saying what is my hope, what is my joy. I will have a whole new standard “at His coming”. I have a whole new way to measure my life. And that measure is not how much it benefits me. But by how much it is benefiting Christ. In bringing souls to Him and bringing spiritually mature souls to Him.

Do you know that the only thing you can take to heaven is PEOPLE? Paul says in verse 20 ‘You that I lead to Christ’, ‘you that I nurture,’ You that I have prayed for, that I discipled, that I cared for, and seen your spiritual life growing. Paul is saying: ‘I will measure all the choices in my life by Christ coming.

Please note that in the epistle to the Thessalonians every chapters ends with the return of Christ: Ch. 1:9,10; Ch. 2:18 to 20; Ch. 3:12,13; Ch. 4:13 to 18; Ch. 5:23.