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JESUS AND THE MONEY ISSUE Luke 16 (page 41-44)

Luke 16 - Read it

  1. Who did Jesus speak to in Luke 16?
  2. What do Luke 15 & Luke 16 have in common?
  3. What did the younger son do?
  4. What was the manager accused of?
  5. Was the manager fired? Publicly or privately?
  6. A What was the manager told to do?
  7. Who did the manager talk to?
  8. What options did he have?
  9. What did he decide?
  10. What was he planning to do regarding the future?
  11. What was the reaction to his actions?
  12. Who were the people that owed his master praising?
  13. The master praised his servant for acting wisely.
  14. In what way was the manager like the younger son?
  15. In both parables what is important to the father & the rich man?
  16. What was not that important to both?
  17. Would the manager be fired publicly after being praised?
  18. What should be our attitude to money? Verse 9
  19. In both parables there was a reception. Was it expected?
  20. What causes a good reception in 15 & then in 16?
  21. What is Jesus correcting between 15 & 16?
  22. What is very little in Luke 16:10?
  23. What is much?
  24. What is the test in Luke 16:11?
  25. What are the true riches?
  26. When will you be trusted with that which is your own? Luke 16:12
  27. Two masters? Who are they?
  28. Why can you not serve two masters?
  29. Who were the Pharisees serving?
  30. What do men highly value?  What does God think of that?
  31. The good news of the kingdom of God is being preached
  32. Only if a person really values God’s kingdom will they enter it.
  33. At Emmaus two urged Jesus to stay.
  34. No one accepts an invitation unless urged. Pressure applied!
  35. Two parables – something lost – what ?
  36. Yet neither owner values them, what do they value?
  37. What does God value in your life?  1, 2, 3.
  38. If you invest wisely what will be the outcome?
  39. How do you gain friends for yourselves?  Where will they be?