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MALACHI  My messenger  (pg 162-165)

A message for those that had lost hope. Malachi rebukes those that doubted the love of God & the faithlessness of both priests & people. The Lord will come to judge His people. They need to repent & change their ways. The Lord will spare those that honour Him. Before the Lord comes Elijah would prepare the way before Him.

About 400 years before John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus the Messiah.

The Messiah would come when there was relative security in the time of the Roman Empire. Common Greek was spoken in the empire. The Messiah entered the temple. He first came as a baby, then a young boy and then as a man..

Malachi 1:1-5 Before Esau or Jacob were born or had done anything the purpose of God according to election would take place. God told Moses that He would have mercy & show compassion according to His will. Salvation is entirely the work of Godliness God stated “ I have loved Jacob and hated Esau.”  Esau’s land would be known as the wicked land whose people were always under the anger of God. Why?

What was missing in the life of Esau?  Why was Jacob so different?  Go back to Genesis.

What was wrong with the nation of Israel? Malachi 1:6-14

How did the priests show contempt for the honour of God? What animals did they use in their act of worship?  Why those animals? Do we do the same today?

Malachi 1:6-10 Why does God want the doors of the temple to be shut?

Why does God view their actions as a waste of time?

Malachi 1:11,14 What does God think of Himself? What has become of their relationship with God? How different are those in this verse to those in the previous verse?

Would you agree it was viewed with contempt, of no value, ridicule, made life a burden?

Malachi 1:13 What animals were brought to be sacrificed?

What has happened to their relationship with God?

Malachi 2: 1 In what ways had the priests failed? They failed to.....?    They did not.......?

What was the response of the Lord to their actions? What happened to their blessings?  What caused that?

What was the Lord’s covenant with Levi?  Two things.

Malachi 2:5 What was Levi’s response?  A double response.

Malachi 2:6 How was he able to pass on true instruction?

What characterised his behaviour?  What was the result on others?

Malachi 2:7 What is the role of a priest according to God?

Malachi 2:8 Why were the priests of that day not doing what they were chosen to do?

Malachi 2:9 Who were to blame for the poor image the people had for the priests ?

Malachi 2:11 How had Judah broken faith?

Malachi 2:13 Why does God no longer listen to their prayers?

Malachi 2:15 How does one remain faithful to the wife of his youth?

Malachi 2:16 Why guard that ?

Malachi 2:17 How do we weary God?   Is that happening today?

Malachi 3:1 Did God send His messenger who prepare the way before Him?

Did he arrive?  What does that tell you about the one that arrived after him?

Who suddenly arrived at his temple?  All at once ? In what form?

Malachi 3:2-4 He will be like refiners fire . When He arrived, what did He do in the temple?

Malachi 3:5 In what ways will He be different to the teachers of the day?

Malachi 3:6What does that tell you about the Lord? Does that encourage you? Suggest a verse in the OT that teaches that.

What does v7 tell you about the people?  What does it mean to return to the Lord?

Malachi 3:8 What were the people to do with the whole tithe?  Failure to carry that out in the past resulted in what?

Malachi 3:10 How would obedience to the Law result in blessing?  What did God promise? How would they know the blessing was from God?  Timing? Result? No what?  Others?

Malachi 3:13 What harsh things had they said about God?  Serving God? Obeying Him? Who prosper?

Malachi 3:16 What is different about those who feared the Lord?  What did they do? Who was listening?  Were they aware of that?  What did He do? Were they aware of that?

Malachi 3:17 In what way were they given special treatment?  Four ways! Belong to who?  Regarded as ?  Treated in what way?  Observe the difference.

Malachi 4 What will happen to the arrogant & evil doers?  What will they retain?

Those who revere the name of the Lord  will show by their ?

The sun of righteousness. Isaiah 60:1,19. The Lord will be your everlasting light.

Leap like calves = Go out with joy & be led forth with peace

Where will the wicked be?

Malachi 4:6 What will Elijah do? What is required or else?

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