Download the file of The Father Ran at your answers down before checking the text of The Father Ran!!Psalm 73 How to deal with a spiritual problem. (Pages 112-118)

v1. State what you know about God. Is God good to His people, to those who live according to His word

v2. Why did he have a spiritual problem? He lost sight of who? Who drew his attention?

v3. He compared who with himself ? What did he notice about those who live without thought of God? List them in your own words:  Arrogant, prosperous, no problems, physically healthy & strong, not anxious about food, clothing, the future,  proud of their achievements,  do as they like, say what they like, think they deserve to be citizens of heaven. They rule the earth and are popular and people support them. They live without thought of God who is not involved in their lives and think that God  does not participate in His creation.

v12. The summary of the wicked who have no problems and continue to be prosperous.

Then the psalmist looked at his own life. To him a pure heart was important. He was sensitive about sin and pleasing God. In his actions he tried to keep clean.  Who chastens him?  How often does it happen?  What is that a sign of ? Hebrews 12:5-10

v15. When should we not speak to others about our problems? What should we do if we have doubts about our walk with God?  What are we to consider about other believers?

v16. What did the psalmist do?  Why did he not find a quick solution?  Who was keeping him company?

v17. What did he keep on doing even though he had doubts and problems and no joy? Where did he find the answer to all his problems?  What mistake had he made? Who did he envy?  What period of time ?  How long would that last?  What then?

Who have the wicked to deal with at the end of life? What would the wicked leave behind? How would they feel about their situation?

v20. How would the Lord view those who had left Him out of their lives?

v21-22 He had experienced a period of no joy only grief. He admitted three things: Like an animal without a soul he was  1, 2 , 3 .

v23.  Where is the Lord God?  He did not say You are always with me but? You hold me by my right hand.  What does that tell you about yourself. Imagine your hand is being held. You are a ?

v24.  You guide me with Your counsel.  When ?  Until? What is not stated? Why not? Who will be where to take you into another world?

v25.  Who alone is in heaven ?  What does that mean for someone living with God on earth? When does what earth have to offer lose its appeal or value?  What makes the difference?

v26. What is going to happen to all of us as we get older?  What never changes?  What difference does God make?  Our bodies age & get weaker but our spirit remains ? God never gets older or changes. What will we not leave behind? Others will inherit what we leave behind. There is something we will not leave behind?

v27. Who are far from God?  What separates them from Him?  What will they leave behind?

v28.  What causes the psalmist to have pleasure?  What has he stopped doing?  Who fills his mind & heart?  What will he talk about? Any regrets?  Anything to cause envy?  Does he lack anything?  Is he content?

Godliness with contentment is great gain. Having food & clothing let us therewith be content. Is he poor?  Is he rich?  Are you ? Are you looking forward to sharing eternity with God?

The Life of Faith - The Ascent Psalms 120-134 (page 119-134)

There are 15 Psalms. Five sets of three psalms. Distress. Dependence Deliverance or Trial Trust Triumph.

People on pilgrimage. The life of any believer. Trials cause him to turn to the Lord God for deliverance. This is followed by a period of rest, rejoicing and enjoying the Lord. This helps us understand that a relationship with God will always follow this pattern. Trials are not an indication of  failure by a believer as he lives in a world that is opposed to God. Every time he turns to God and discovers the Lord is able to deliver every time. A period of just seeing the love and goodness of God for a while before the next trial to be endured.

Psalm 120 Distress is the result of living among those whose lives are do not take into a/c the day of a/c. The tongue of deceit by all. All will have to a/c for every idle word.  A period of conflict when peace is desired. A need to stop living with those opposed to God.

Psalm 121 When you look at the horizon what do you see?  The heaven & the earth Where does your help come from?  Can you touch the heaven?  It is invisible. Unknown. Mysterious. Can you touch the earth?  It is visible, known, tangible. God made both.

What will the Creator not do?  Why not?  Will he be caught by surprise? Why not? Why unlike man?  To watch means what ?  A parent watches a child what if?  What is promised day or night?   Why is the Lord able to do what is promised in 7-8.

Psalm 122 Following a period of trust what happens?  What caused you to rejoice? Do you agree with others?  What is special about Jerusalem?  What happens there?

Pray for J means what where you live?  Who are you thinking of when you seek peace. Why do you seek prosperity?  Where is the house of the Lord for you?

Psalm 123 A time of trial. I focus my attention on You. I need Your mercy. What does mercy mean?  Does it mean God’s intervention?  We are going through  treatment Contempt, ridicule, from the proud & arrogant. People not in a relationship with God. Not told how long or how many times. No retaliation only submission to God.

Psalm 124 Who makes the difference in life? Trouble comes like a flood, torrent, raging waters. What has made the difference in his life?  What difference does the Lord make?

1 Corinthians 10:13 Who is in control?  How is control exercised? How does He cause us to escape in temptation. 8 In what way is the Lord different to man? What does His Name mean?  What is the difference between 123 & 124?

Psalm 125 In what way are those like Mount  Zion.?  Un? Un?   Where is the Lord? Do good O Lord to those who are good. Why are they good?  Why upright in heart? What happens to the wicked?

Psalm 126 When did the Lord restore the fortunes of Zion?  What did the land need? Why were their mouths filled with laughter & songs of joy?  What did the Lord do? When do farmers rejoice?  A bumper harvest was attributed to who?  1-3. The past. 4-6 The present. What did they need? When sow in tears? When reap with joy? Why go out weeping when sowing?  When return with joy & arms full of harvest? Is this about farming or is it sowing spiritual seed?

Psalm 127 Why is the Lord needed when building a home?  Why is he needed when living in a city?  What is the problem in 2?  There is a time to work & a time to rest. What does God do while those He loves sleep?  What does God not want us to do? What are the roles of sons?  When are children a reward?  How are sons like arrows? Sons do what at the gate?   Parents are to do what? Accept delegation of authority.

Psalm 128 When are people blessed?  What does that mean in their behaviour? Hard work results in blessings: fruit and prosperity. Wife like a fruitful vine. A vine is made to rise over the house & the grapes hang from it on the flat roof.  Sons like olive trees – producing olives on the table. The result of what?  How fulfilled in our lives? 5-6 What blessings ahead?  The Lord’s, prosperity, grandchildren.  Enjoy peace.

Psalm 129 1-2  Looking back aware of what?  Who has made the difference? 4 How? What happens to grass on the roof?   Why no blessing pronounced? Result of 5.

Psalm 130 Where is the Lord?  Why a call to the Lord?  A call for what? What is that? Does God keep a record of sins?  When are they removed? When God forgives He also ?  Is waiting easy? What do we not know?  Waiting means?  Waiting with expectancy means?  Is there help from any other?  How long will the waiting last? 7-8 Why put your hope in the Lord?  How much does He love you?  How does He show His love? How has He already shown His love?  How did He deal with sin?

Psalm 131 Why not focus on matters that are difficult to understand?  How many know how God works?  Why does God do the unexpected?  Why does He use the discarded? Why does He save the despised? 2. I must behave like a ? Why? Live according to what I have already learned. We already have enough light and truth revealed. 5 Put your hope in who?

Psalm 132  Hardships return. What was David’s problem?  Did God allow David  find a place to live in?  Why not?   He asks the Lord to make it possible. He reminds the Lord about what? Did God carry that out?  Did the Lord choose Zion?  John 4:21 Were the needs of the poor met? Luke 4:18  v12   Were her priests clothed with salvation?  Acts Did her saints sing for joy?  Was a horn, a king born  for David?  Was a lamp set up for God’s anointed one.?  Were his enemies put to shame?  His crown will blossom.

Psalm 133 What happens when brothers are not divided?  Precious oil flowing down results in ? People living in harmony results in ?  What is the dew of Mt Harmon?  Snow. It is cool & refreshing. Where does God bestow His blessing today?  Where the Lord is present. Where is there eternal life? Where the Lord is present.  1 John 5:11-12

Psalm 134 Who are to praise the Lord?  Who are today’s servants of the Lord? Why lift up your hands? Why is “praise the Lord” twice stated? Who is the Lord? What has he done?  What do we expect from Him? How does He do that?

Fifteen Psalms of Ascents is an overview of the life of a pilgrim seeking to walk with God.

A time of trial resulting in trusting the Lord and having a period of rest & refreshment before the next period of testing.  A reminder that life has many up & downs but the Lord is in control who will complete the work He has begun in his child.