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THE FATHER RAN Luke 15 (page 28-40)

Luke 15  3 Parables of the lost.

  1. What was Jesus doing which caused the religious to find fault with Him?
  2. How was He doing that?  What of the others?
  3. What two things did Jesus do with regard to those with Him.
  4. How did Jesus eat with them?  What does this mean?
  5. Does Jesus do the same with us?  What is our part?
  6. What does it mean that Jesus welcomes sinners?
  7. Why does He eat with them? John 4:34
  8. Why do tax collectors & sinners like to eat with Jesus?
  9. How did Jesus reply to those finding fault with Him?
  10. What are the common themes in the three parables?  (3)
  11. Why does a sheep get lost?
  12. Can a sheep find its way back?  Yes or no explain.
  13. What must the shepherd do?
  14. What is the first thing the shepherd does when he finds the sheep?
  15. Then what does he do?  Why that?  What must the sheep do or not do?
  16. Why does the shepherd speak to others?
  17. Where is there rejoicing?  What causes rejoicing there?
  18. Where is the sheep lost?
  19. Why does a coin get lost?  How is it like a sheep? What can a coin do to be found?
  20. Where is the coin lost? What does the woman do?  What happens when found?
  21. Where else is there a great response? Is it the same as the response over the sheep?
  22. What is the role of a son?  Both of them?
  23. What does the younger son want to do?  His attitude to his father?
  24. What does the father say?   How does the father feel?
  25. What does the older son do?  What should he have done?
  26. Who is lost?  Lost where?  Explain.
  27. Why does the younger son leave home?  What is he looking for?
  28. Where does he go?  Why so far away?
  29. What happened to the money he had?  How was it spent?
  30. What skills did he have?  Why sent to feed pigs?
  31. What was given to the pigs that is similar to that given to people?
  32. What made him change his mind?  What did he remember back home?
  33. How did he view himself?  How did he want to be treated?
  34. What choice did he have?  What was his plan?
  35. Where was the father standing?   Why there?  What did he expect?
  36. What did the father do that is not recorded?  Why?
  37. Why did the father run?  What does that mean?
  38. What did the father do?  How often?
  39. What did the father say to his son?  Why that?
  40. What did the son leave out that he intended saying?  Why that?
  41. What was the first word the father said?  Where recorded elsewhere?
  42. What was the first tangible item that was ordered by the father? Why that?
  43. What did it do? What does it mean?
  44. The second thing to be brought? What does that mean?
  45. The third item. What does that mean?
  46. The fourth item. What does that mean?
  47. Who is present all the time & does the ordering?
  48. What does the lost man do?  Describe in one word.
  49. What takes place that had not happened before?
  50. How do you know that it had not happened before?
  51. Who asked the servant what was happening?
  52. Why did he not enter without asking questions?
  53. What does this tell you about the older son & the father?
  54. What did the servant tell the older brother the reason for rejoicing?
  55. How did the older brother insult his father?
  56. How had the younger brother insulted his father?
  57. How had the father humbled himself with the younger brother?
  58. How did the father humble himself with the older brother?
  59. How did the older brother view himself as?
  60. How had the younger brother become the same as him?
  61. What was important to the younger brother?
  62. What was important to the older brother?
  63. Where had the younger brother spent his money?
  64. Where did the older brother want to celebrate?
  65. Where did the older brother get the idea of prostitutes?
  66. What does he accuse his father of?
  67. What was available to the older brother but was never used?  Why not?
  68. What caused the father to rejoice & state twice?
  69. What do we not know?  What must we assume?
  70. Who does the older brother represent? Context of Luke 15.
  71. Why does he represent them?  What were they aware of?
  72. Who does the younger brother represent?
  73. When he took his portion of the estate what was he saying?
  74. What had he lost?  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
  75. What has God the Father done for you? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
  76. What term did Jesus not use and why but it applies to you?
  77. What had the younger son lost?  1, 2.
  78. What should his attitude be in the future?
  79. Why obey the father in the future?
  80. What did the father not say?  Why not?
  81. Why no word from the father to the lost son?
  82. Did the father love his son who had wasted his inheritance?
  83. Whatever you answer do so in detail.
  84. What was important to the father?
  85. What was important to the two sons?
  86. Who did Jesus answer in Luke 15?