Hi there, just the other day I bumped into some people from Medway Community Church and they asked me where was I on Sunday mornings? The hadn't seen me for quite a while, and I thought maybe there's a few other others also wondering what Barbara and I are doing. So just want to take a few minutes to give some details.

About 8 months ago, virtually went lockdown started, I was able to initiate a morning devotional get-together which we have every day and last in about 15 minutes at the place/complex where we stay called Bergridge Park. It's a time of prayer, sometimes singing, and a short Bible message. And we have had as many as 21 people coming in the morning. I have also been quite amazed how determine these dear older folk have been to get to these devotional occasions. In winter, even with the rain and cold they have come out, some with plastic covering to keep out the rain, because the meetings were outside on the lawn because of Coronavirus restrictions.

On Sundays we have a longer service where I would give a 10 to 15 minute message. But it means we can't get to the church service at Medway on time. Some of those coming to the devotional time are not church adherents so for us it is really a gospel outreach effort. On that score we will be glad to have your support in prayer, please.

Added to that I have produced two short videos of only about 3 to 4 minutes in length to supplement the morning devotions activity and have also put them on YouTube and some WhatsApp connections. The first short video is called "Ready for the Rapture?" and altogether about 400 people have watched this video. I have received thankful comments from Brazil, Australia, Holland, South Africa and Far East. The video has a gospel appeal and some exhortations for believers. For those who may want to see it they need to go to YouTube - click on Search - type in STAN WANT and it will come up. These videos, and others to come, are deliberately short as the non-Christian is more likely to listen to something that they know is only a few minutes rather than a long sermon.

But now I would like to speak on the subject of "The Guidance of God".

One of the most important and vital necessities for a believer is to have the guidance of God in their lives as a real on-going experience. Especially at the start of a new year when often it is a time for planning for the future year ahead.

Sad to say, however, the reality is that many Christians, and I say this kindly and non-judgementally, seem to be unaware how absolutely important it is to have God guiding them in the decisions of life. As a result their are occasions when mistakes and errors have been made and there has been unnecessary problems and sorrows in a person's life. The hymn writer penned those famous words "Guide me O Thou great Jehovah, pilgrim through this barren land".

But now, it is not only an individual necessity for a person to have the guidance of God, but the entire world is affected as well. When you consider the mess this world is in with its wars and unrests with its evil and corruption etc. In the final analysis it is because mankind has decided, in the main, to reject and or neglect, the guidance of God.

All this goes to show how vital and important it is to have the guidance of God.

And the question which arises now is, where in fact do we actually


the guidance of God? And the answer is quite simple - in all of our lives and especially in important decision making.

Let me mention some examples. A young person facing the future and needing to decide what career path to take or job opportunity to go for, and girlfriend and boyfriend relationships and perhaps marriage later on? These are crucial decisions, and need the guidance of God.

Some further examples can be in what church should I fellowship and what service to God can I render? As believers we all have a work to do for God and we need God to guide us in this matter as well.

Then there could be the possibility of living in another town or perhaps even going overseas. And so the list goes on and on but all so vital to know God's leading in it all. In Psalm 37 we read that "the steps of a good man (godly man, woman, or child) is directed/guided by the Lord".

The next question a person can ask is, how can this guidance be obtained?


, a person need to be a true believer. One who has experienced the life-changing event of confessions. They have believed the gospel that Jesus died on the cross for them and they have by a prayer of faith asked Christ to be their Saviour. They have been born again. As such God is now their heavenly Father, and as a good father, will help his children to make right decisions in life.


, they need to be committed Christians. In other words those who are keeping close to God by means of reading/studying the Word of God and by prayer and by regularly joining in with other Christians in worship and Bible study times. In Genesis 24 we read of a man who was earnestly seeking God's guidance and God answered his prayer. And he says by way of a testimony that "I being in the way, the Lord led me". In other words, he was close and committed to God and seeking to follow God's guidance - he was "in the way" and God led him on step by step. This can be our experience also.

Also the seeking of God's guidance needs to be a constant and consistent desire. The guidance we need is ongoing. We need it when we are young and right through life to our old age and final day.

Now a further question we can ask is : how is this leading of God


to us. How can we practically experience it?


, there is the Bible. As we daily read God's Word, verse or verses can be impressed upon us which can be a guide in our lives. When I was a young man the verse in Matthew 6 really affected me which says "Seek ye first the kingdom of God". With God's help I have tried to follow that and it was a director in my life. Be assured, one way or other God can guide you through the Scriptures you read.

Preachers can also be a help. To give a personal illustration - I was speaking somewhere when a illustration popped into my mind which wasn't in my prepared notes. I shared the illustration and afterwards a man came to me and said he had been earnestly seeking God's guidance about a major decision in his life and the illustration so fitted his circumstances he believed God had answered his prayer. He was leaving Africa and going back to England. Preachers can be used to help guide people along the way.

Then there are good Christian books which can be of help and also godly people who can give wise counsel and advice.

Lastly God can give inner peace if you ask Him to lead you and as you by faith put all matters into the hand of God. He will not let you down.

God bless you.